Our church is a non-denominational, multicultural, multinational, and multiethnic church with membership comprising of people from over 35 different countries of the world as at the last count. Our singular purpose is to see lives transformed as we believe that God is the great “recycler” of human lives. Your intercessions, involvement, and financial investment help us carry out this heavenly mandate.

The vision of our Church was conceived in the heart of our senior pastor, Dr. A.A. Ajim, during his residency-training program at a South Bronx Hospital in New York City. What began as a prayer meeting of two families in his living room soon became a fellowship of people with a strong desire and commitment to serving God and following after the footsteps of Jesus Christ. The local Church, Grace Temple, was subsequently planted, holding her first Sunday morning service on January 4th, 1998, with an inaugural service later held on March 15th, 1998. Our Church has moved on from then, experiencing growth in every area of ministry.

On March 19th, 2000, two years after our inaugural service, we dedicated our New York Church premises, currently valued at about 2 million dollars. On July 27th, 2002, a Mortgage Burning Service was held, signifying complete ownership and full mortgage amortization of our New York facility. In four years of ministry in South Bronx, New York City, we purchased and totally paid for premises currently valued at about two million dollars! In January 2002, we started Spanish services, as an extension of the ministry, to cater to the needs of the Spanish-speaking folks in our neighborhood.

In March, 2003, Sunday morning services began at Grace Int’l Church Houston, Texas. These are all results from divine instruction in fostering the vision of the ministry. In July 2003 our church purchased a 5.107 acre corner lot, debt free, at the junction of Bellaire Blvd and Mission Bay Drive in the Southwest area of Houston, Texas. In August 2005, we dedicated our 2.5 Million Dollar multipurpose Church complex at this site. This facility contains a Main Worship Center, Prayer and Counseling rooms, a Day Care Center, a Reception Hall, multiple classrooms for Bible School, and multiple offices.

This facility serves as the current headquaters of this rapidly expanding ministry. In April 2009, right in the middle of the “Great Recession”, the worst recession in the history of the United States since the Great Depression, our church completely payed off the Houston facility loan, signifying complete ownership and full mortgage amortization of our Houston church facility. A Mortgage Burning Service was held later in August 2009 to celebrate this great event.