Money Matters - Rich In Good Works | Dr. Ayo Ajim

Money Matters – Rich In Good Works | Dr. Ayo Ajim

1 Tim 6:17-19 Nkjv


here is a difference between the person and principles of Jesus. His person will guarantee your eternity and His principles will guarantees your success and financial well being


– God’s principles work regardless of Location, vocation or situations There are 4 groups of people in life
1. Accept His principles on earth and reject his person e.g. the rich man in the Lazarus story
2. Accept His person and reject His principles e.g. Lazarus
3. Reject both His principles and person. Poor on earth and in Heaven
4. Accept both His person and principles – all of me for all of Him. Position desirable for the believer
– when God gets you to a place of prosperity watch out for these:

A. Pride
B. Trusting things in place of God
C. God gives richly ( rich is abundantly supplied. What I have exceeds what I need) it is not being a millionaire, if a man has a million in his account, but has a need of 5 million to pay up his bills, he is a broke millionaire

A. Do good and be rich in good works
B. Be ready to give
C. Willing to share
D. Lay good foundation for the future
E. 7 biblical reasons for poverty
None Of The Reasons Is Race Gender Or Skin Color Nor Nationality

Stinginess proverbs 11:24NLT you loose in any area you are not giving to. If you do not give time talent and resources to your family, friendships, finances, fitness,faith you will loose them. Note that everything God controls gives. So does everyone God controls. The proof God is in control of your life is when you become a giver. You can give without loving, but you can not love without giving. You came with nothing so all you have God gave. Luke 6:38 give time, talent, treasure, ingenuity, prayers etc. you well being is at the mercy of your obedience and God. Giving is not just money but it includes time, talent, treasure, skills, network, knowledge. Giving is the antidote to greed. God waits for me to conquer greed before he brings me to riches and wealth, because money is an amplifier it just makes bigger what we are already. If you are wicked get more money you enlarge your capacity to become more wicked, if kind more kind, if generous, more generous.

Laziness Prov 10:4 NLT – working 3-4 jobs at the detriment of going to Church, is not what is meant here. Work hard at your trade. Work smart and hard to bring in the profit. Work applied to talent that brings profit.

Pridefulness James 4:6 NKJV God promised to make Abraham’s name great. You leave the job of making your name great to God. No man has anything except it comes from above. God gave everything you have. You need the grace from God God resisting means your suppression and ultimately having to exert. Be humble He lifts you.

Recklessness proverbs 21:17 NLT extremes of pleasure without boundaries will lead to poverty. (Couch potato). Have strategic plans and limits to curtail unnecessary excesses. Be disciplined.

Hastiness proverbs 28:22 NLT. The prosperity of fools will destroy them. The steps of a good man are ordered of God, not the elevators and escalators. Step-by-step, precept upon precept.

God builds you on the inside before He puts the weight of wealth on you on the outside. God gives the gift and the grace to enjoy it. What God gives he keeps . Get it your way keep it your way
Stubbornness. Prov 13.18 NLT.

Not by every means possible , but do it by Godly means possible. God never promised to use angels to correct you. He has men who are not perfect. No one likes criticism, but everyone needs correction. God never uses perfect angels to correct us, all He has is flawed men. Chew the cord, analyze eat the meat and throw the bones out. Sit down and accept correction God is using them.

Thanklessness, ingratitude ps112:1-3Nkjv, grateful kids want to make you give more. It’s ok to ask but better still to be thankful

Ps.100:4-5 wealth and riches
Riches abundantly supplied. I need $2000 and I have $5000 not I have 2 million but need $5 million. Thankful people get more than those who ask.
Riches: abundantly supplied.

Wealth : I am no longer working for money, money is working for me. I have investments that can produce more for my upkeep and beyond. I choose to work I do not have to work.


Father help me do that which is pleasing in your eyes , purge my heart of greed, laziness and pride. Teach me to give and work and be patient for your blessing of grace. That your thanks and praise will never cease from my lips.

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