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The Healing Meal – Dr. Ayo Ajim


3John1:2, John6:53-58
when a mugger wants to kill he cuts with a knife, but when a surgeon wants to heal he cuts with a knife too. One kills one heals. When we eat too much fat, sugar and salt we are at risk for life threatening diseases like heart attacks, strokes, hypertension, diabetes type 2. When we eat healthy we likely live longer. No wonder God is using the eating of communion to heal as a sign of His body broken to heal us. What we eat can kill or heal. You have to choose right.
  • God wants us walking in health and wealth, not just in healing. Like any father he does not like to see his children sick. Healing is you being sick then restored to health. Health is you walking without sickness


1 Cor 11:23-30

  • Vs 25 take communion often ( early disciples went from house to house breaking bread daily Acts2:46-47)


  • Vs 26 as often, not rarely. To proclaim means to declare, show forth, manifest and reveal. Reveal the Lord’s death till he comes. Many things God procured for us are not used by us as believers, because of ignorance of the fact. It appears hidden to the ignorant and communion brings a revelation.


Jesus died for 3 major reasons:


  • Deliver us from sin’s penalty,( which is death Rom6:23) Save us from eternal spiritual death. Once born again you live and walk with Him on earth and upon natural death we live with him ( Rom 14:8) in eternity


  • Redeem us from sickness and disease


  • Redeem us from poverty( not having enough to meet my needs and fulfill my Godly purpose). Deliverance from sin is 2 (two)fold, first deliverance from the consequences of sin and second empowering us not to sin anymore. The God who saved me from drowning wants to teach me how to swim and stay afloat.


  • communion does not procure salvation, but proclaims it. Partaking of communion is my acceptance of Christ finished work on the cross.


  • Vs27 unworthy manner here is to eat without taking cognizance of the purpose and value of communion


  • Vs 28 eating worthily entails self examination ( many are experts at examining others) look into your life. Then eat.


  • Vs 29 discern what His body signifies not just religiously taking communion


  • Vs 30 … for this reason (not partaking of of communion or not taking it correctly) many Christian’s are weak, sick and sleep( die prematurely)


Lord help me to see that which you procured for me, and apply to my life the benefits of your broken body and shed blood. That I may live out my salvation in health, wealth and spiritual prosperity

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