Intentional Thanksgiving - Dr Ayo Ajim

Intentional Thanksgiving – Dr Ayo Ajim

Text: ps 116:16-17, ps119:62, Rev 4:11


At home most women cook and delight in having people enjoy the meal. It gives her pleasure. God is like that. He wants us to bring Him pleasure when we live life and enjoy and give him thanks.


  • living life to please others instead of God brings misery
  • Happiness is short lived as it is dependent on happenings. Many are in pursuit of happiness. Times and seasons are a constant. Joy is as a result of His presence. It is a fruit of the spirit and can stand the test of time
  • Start praising what is right not nagging what is wrong in folk around you especially your wife or husband. Child psychologists discovered reward or positive reinforcement for doing good is more motivating than negative punishment for wrong doing.
  • Midnight is the darkest point and often comes at the turn of where we can begin to look for day. For many folks midnights are not praise worthy but giving God the thanks now is honoring God. At mid day all is bright praise is not a sacrifice . Bring Him a sacrifice of praise even in the darkest moments of life. In all things and for all things give thanks, because of who God is.
  • America today is the envy of many nations and defies rules by economists that state that, the more religious a nation the poorer the nation, being the most prosperous despite being highly “religious”. We believe it is mainly because of this culture of thanksgiving.
  • In His presence is fullness of joy at His right hand are pleasures for ever
  • The hallmark of a blessed life is not the absence of tragedy, but what is done in the midst of tragedy.
  • We are made for connection. Hardened criminals are placed in solitary isolation.
  • Social media can not help many as healing requires transparency, vulnerability and honesty. Job lost children, fortune and relationship and his midnight was laid bare before all, friends ridiculed and his wife even said his breathe stank. Job did what we all must learn, which was the secret to his recovery. He praised God “…,,,blessed be the name of the Lord” Job1:21b
    God help me be pleasing to you all my days. Let my thanks and praise be to you a sweet smell of a sacrifice.

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