Going for A Hundredfold – Dr Ayo Ajim

Going for A Hundredfold – Dr Ayo Ajim

TEXT: Matt 13:18-23(NKJV), Matt 6:2-6, 16-18 (NKJV)


Natural human tendency is to do publicly what makes them look good and in private what looks bad. However Jesus is saying to give, pray and fast privately and let God reward openly.



The parable of Jesus in Matt 13 identifies various kinds of responses to God’s word. These are groups of responses he described;

1. The confused group. They heard but did not understand. Thus, we must not just hear , but must understand God’s word for us to be benefited.

2. The Impatient hearted group. when persecution came as a result of the word they fizzle out.

They did not stick around enough. When persecution comes not if persecution comes. It’s a certainty that persecution will Come to test your response to the Word you heard.

3. The Materialistic. The cares of this world has choked out the word. We go after things at the expense of His word. God wants to meet our needs and not feed our greed. The response and actions may look the same but the resultant effect differ ( like a surgeon cutting with a knife to heal ad a bandit cutting with a knife to kill). God does not mind us having things, He minds things having us. What has your attention has mastered you. Materialism is money dictating to you how you live your life, Godly prosperity is you telling money where it needs to go. Money is a good servant but a terrible master.

4. The productive group. They hear the word understand it and act upon it yielding fruit (30 fold, 60 fold and 100fold). Do not settle for 30 fold when God gave you a 100fold capacity.

Matt 6 shows that people may not see the act, but will see the consequences . Bearing fruit 30, 60 and 100. Men may not see, but God sees and will publicly reward you.



Lord help me to please you in giving, praying and fasting. May my extra effort in studying your word yield understanding to me. May my life bring contribution and not just consumption of resources wherever I go.

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