Talk Like an Adult

Talk Like an Adult

  • Posted In Church,
  • March 10, 2024
  • Dr A.A. Ajim

Words are powerful. They can make or mare destinies . Men who in history have been celebrated have mostly been men with great oratorical abilities. There is a fool and a king in every man, the one you speak to is the one you get. Words can build or tear down, heal or kill.

love is the hallmark of Christian maturity. This is emphasized at the beginning of 1 Cor 13 and in verse 11 he moves on to say that when I was a child I spoke, thought and reasoned as a child, meaning there is a way children speak, think and reason. Being mature is therefore a choice to change my speaking, thinking , reasoning and ultimately my actions, putting away childishness.

Death and life are in the power of the tongue. The tongue is a place of power. Childish or immature people manhandle power.

Growth in the kingdom is not how much miracles I have done, how many prophecies, how many scriptures I know, how long I have been in the Church. It’s in how much love how much word you believe speak and do. God can not lie once He speaks it becomes what He says. Everything He made was through His word. Gen1:26, when God who made us in His likeness and image speaks, power is displayed to become, so our speaking since we were made like Him, is our source of power. When we speak things ought to become what we say.

The ability to appropriate the power God wants to give, has a lot to do with me maturing. Kind of like giving a child a gun.

God withholds power till I have grown. Mark 11:22-23 translated appropriately should read “ have the faith of God”. He will not put power behind our words till we are mature. Jesus stated that mountains of challenges may come before us and we are to speak to them.
– Note it did not say deny the existence of the mountain, but speak to it. When the doctor says the child has autism, ADHD or depression, being in denial is not faith, but speaking what God says over the child or situation, recognizing that despite the psychologist or doctor’s expertise, God the master physician still has the final say. Yes get the treatment and yes get the therapy, while believing for the manifestation of the healing or transformation. Walking in denial can be catastrophic for all concerned, just like none of us would want to ride in a car with someone in denial of their short sightedness (myopia), who can not see past the windshield of their car, or drive near them on the same road, as catastrophe is imminent.

It is not the mountain, but how we respond to it. God has me covered. My experience does not have to be limited by other men’s experience. There is a higher way.

Being in Church is not enough. You have to learn this and practice this. “Whoever says to the mountain…” meaning speak to your mountains. Do not cry, get anxious or depressed about the mountain, as that does not move mountains or obstacles of depression, problems, sickness or disease.

Matthew 6:31 KJV “take no thought saying ….” When negative thoughts come do not vocalize them, only say what you want to see. God makes alive anything that men say is dead. Rom4:17 KJV

Lord we declare in accordance with your word that every mountain of problems, challenges and difficulties is removed from our lives. We speak abundant life