Act Like an Adult

Act Like an Adult

  • Posted In Church,
  • March 17, 2024
  • Dr A.A. Ajim

SPEAKER: Dr Ayo Ajim
TEXT: ps1:1-3, Heb4:2


Often when we hear people talk against God, like atheists and agnostics it’s often because of some perceived dysfunction or wrong doing of Christians( not other religions), kind of like taking a pill and because someone else had side effects you refuse to ever take pills. We all are selective of what aspect of our lives we portray no one can ever get the entire picture of one’s life in a picture( picture perfect may not be real) Grow up and get to know God for yourself.


The doer of the word is blessed not the reader. Acting on what you know is the key.
People say after a Church service” I was so blessed” , but really scripture says the doer is blessed, in hearing counsel that is of God and walk in it.
every relationship thrives on a win win situation anything else will lead to a crumbling of that relationship.
Heb4:2 the word did not PROFIT them because they did not mix it with faith. Profit is what is left when you do a transaction and consider income minus expenditure and this is what makes the transaction worthwhile. Our profiting as we do the word has to appear to all. Let your account be in the “black”not the “red”
His leaves shall not wither
What ever he does ( not what he thinks, not what he reads about)
Ps1:1-3 talks about the criteria for being blessed by the word as we meditate on it day and night. Note that obeying unbiblical ungodly counsel or advise leads to failure and possibly a curse not a blessed predicament
“standing in the way of sinners” by our action or inaction hinder sinners from coming to God, can not bring blessing to us
Sitting in the seat of the scornful is again an action that can not lead to blessing, because backbiting and slandering others is never going to lead to a blessing
Delighting in God’s precepts and doing His word joyfully is a sure way to be blessed by the word
“ he is like a tree PLANTED by the rivers of water being planted not running from place to place is the key to being blessed by the word
“He will bear fruit regardless of adversity in and out of season
leaves shall never wither . When you are a God made man , God sustains what he does and if you built on His word you need not fear coming down and withering. If you are a man made man, then men will have to uphold you, which is dicey
Note that whatever he DOES shall prosper.


Lord help me to do your word and not just be a listener or reader, I receive strength and boldness to do the work of faith.